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For a modern town Priory pathLancaster has some weird stuff going on. I'm going to take the lid off and dedicate this page to Lancaster's spooky corners and paths.

Any deserted path can be spooky at night, but these are spookelicious!

Top spooky path has got to be the old Roman path leading from St George's Quay up to the Priory graveyard. I took this photo by day. If you want to check it out at night, take a friend or two. (Same goes for the other paths here.)

The path is so atmospheric it's a relief to get into the graveyard. It probably pre-dates the Roman site located to the right of the steps.

upside-down treesNext spooky path is the old railway line cycle path along the river north from Lancaster and past Halton. Also known as the Luneside Millenium Park. The really odd thing is the way some of the trees grow upside-down, so their roots are in the air and their branches are in the ground. I kid you not.

Local people complain of seeing bright lights at night too. Could it be the Halton Witch Project?
The truth is out there.

I never found Freeman's Woods creepy (see picture below), despite its history, but it takes you into a special space - I guess not everyone likes that, which is maybe one reason why City developers are always wanting to chop it down to make room for roads, houses etc. Freeman's WoodGenerations of local children have made their own world in there.

Another famously spooky path is the back road from the University campus to Galgate...

So many students must have taken acid down there in the 70s they made an indelible impact on the local reality matrix. Only the Alumniati truly know.

If you see a peacock, you aren't imagining it, they live there.


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