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"Your Time Is Up" Tour

The Platform, Morecambe
Friday 25 January 2008

Marcus Brigstocke

As Marcus Brigstocke is all over the telly these days it's quite a coup for the Platform (thought they are very good at getting great comedians) to have booked him - the downside being that he was originally booked to appear in November but was then offered the chance to host Saturday Night Live...
The creator of Giles Wembley-Hogg didn't mess about once he got here though. He gave us two good hour-long sets (no warm up support act) seemingly just talking quite spontaneously on a range of subjects.
To begin with though, he brought out Morecambe's local newspapers - explaining that there were two because one, The Citizen, was clearly for Citizens and the other was obviously for Visitors...
He then proceeded to read out extracts from the letters pages and brought the house down. I must confess I never realised just how hilarious those two papers are, albeit unintentionally...
Having won us over on our home ground he took us on a journey around a whole range of topics;
Terrorism: after the London tube bombings some people started smiling supportively at each other in the Tube - but he thought that that was 'just letting the terrorists win'.
Immigration: just how scared does a nation have to be to vote for that orange faced ******, *********, *********, Robert Kilroy-Silk?
The London Olympics: Who wants the olympics? he asked the hall. Who doesn't want the olympics? And who just doesn't care? That's right, almost everybody just doesn't care.
Sometimes it's serious too, providing a contrast, and clearly here's a man with more than just a fashionable interest in the issues of the day and willing to take a swipe, not just at injustice and political cupidity but also at bad taste. Sexism in Islam and other patriarchies got a slamming, as did the Daily Express' revoltingly endless slobbering over the McCann case.
His delivery comes at an easy relaxed pace and, unlike most comedians, he doesn't pick on front row members, though people who shout responses to his questions might get a gentle ribbing.
He really does look like a very straight chap from Guildford (well he's from Guildford anyway). He's certainly a worker, coming out after the show to sign CDs and chat with folk even though it was getting on for 11pm.
He's very, very funny, very quick-witted, very knowledgeable and a very likeable guy. As you know cos you've seen him on the telly. And just as well because I doubt we'll ever be able to afford him in Morecambe again!

© satori January 2008


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