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  Pre-Election Post-Election Gain/Loss
Conservatives 9 10 1
Green Party 5 7 2
Labour Party 15 20 5
Liberal Democrats 6 8 2
Morecambe Bay Independents 12 11 -1
Other Independents 10 4 -6
Vacancies 3    
Turnout: 1999 2003  
40.46% 32.56%  
58.67% 52.46%  
Minimum: 28.44% 18.47%  
BARE Turnout: 34.01%
June Irene Ashworth Morecambe Bay Independent 464
David Martin Bottoms Morecambe Bay Independent 301
Susan Elisabeth Bray The Conservative Party Candidate 468 Elected
John Mark Fretwell The Conservative Party Candidate 606 Elected
Ralph Lindsay Martin Green Party 85
Steven Ormerod The Labour Party Candidate 198
BOLTON-LE-SANDS Turnout: 30.60%
Arthur Briggs Independent 253
Keith William Budden Independent 377 Elected
Anthony G Johnson The Conservative Party Candidate 287 Elected
Moncaster Avril Green Party 154
BULK 31.68%
Ian Stewart Barker The Labour Party Candidate 785 Elected
Thomas Henry Barney Liberal Democrats 212
Abbott Clifton Bryning The Labour Party Candidate 705 Elected
Susanna Joy Holden Green Party 580
Ronald William Kershaw The Labour Party Candidate 630
Colin Lennon Independent 110
Andrew McNae Independent 83
Mark Nixon Independent 68
Susan Mary Paylor Green Party 638
John Whitelegg Green Party 667 Elected
Kim Sharon Battersby-Hill The Conservative Party Candidate 184
Gregory Ronald Beaman UK Independence Party 187
Paul Malcolm Gardner The Labour Party Candidate 297 Elected
Stephen Barry Hoyland Green Party 62
Edna Elizabeth Jones The Labour Party Candidate 364 Elected
Robert James Roe Independent 285
CASTLE Turnout: 37.14%
Jon Barry Green Party 1255 Elected
Anne Claire Chapman Green Party 1124 Elected
Christopher Coates Green Party 1039 Elected
Mark Trevor Eldon Independent 166
Michael John Gibson The Labour Party Candidate 458
James Stuart Groves The Labour Party Candidate 425
Linda Ann Piggott The Labour Party Candidate 432
Richard Royal The Conservative Party Candidate 251
Caroline Anne Wilton Liberal Democrats 209
DUKE'S Turnout: 30.39%
Peader Norman Broe The Labour Party Candidate 71
Gina Dowding Green Party 328 Elected
Michael K Jackson The Conservative Party Candidate 27
John Leslie Jacobs Independent 79
Rebecca Livesley Liberal Democrats 51
ELLEL Turnout 35.79%
Susan Margaret Georgina Charles The Conservative Party Candidate 647 Elected
Clare Frances Davison The Labour Party Candidate 268
Helen Rebecca Helme The Conservative Party Candidate 746
Tony Alan Pinkney Green Party 168
James Talbot Liberal Democrats 267
Pamela Jill Virgoe White Green Party 138
Cherith Mary Adams Green Party 60
John Clive Richardson The Conservative Party Candidate 95
Paul Woodruff Independent 606 Elected
HARBOUR Turnout: 25.28%
John Edward Newton Barnes Morecambe Bay Independent 445
Kenneth Brown The Conservative Party Candidate 267
Christopher Michael Greenall Morecambe Bay Independent 373
Janice Hanson The Labour Party Candidate 585 Elected
Michael John Holland Green Party 94
Peter Robinson The Labour Party Candidate 558 Elected
Christine Anne Stebbing Morecambe Bay Independent 404
David Whitaker The Labour Party Candidate 526 Elected
HEYSHAM CENTRAL Turnout: 28.07%
John Robert Battersby-Hill The Conservative Party Candidate 276
Lucy Birbeck Green Party 70
Geoffrey Knight Morecambe Bay Independent 394 Elected
Joyce Taylor Independent 610 Elected
Jean Elizabeth Yates The Labour Party Candidate 288
HEYSHAM NORTH Turnout: 22.92%
Tina Louise Clifford The Labour Party Candidate 369
Brenda Christine Emmerson Morecambe Bay Independent 272
Ian David McCulloch Green Party 58
Mavis Newton Morecambe Bay Independent 281
Brian Pearson The Conservative Party Candidate 242
Ronald Sands The Labour Party Candidate 346
HEYSHAM SOUTH Turnout: 24.82%
Alan Biddulph The Labour Party Candidate 448
Darren Keith Clifford The Labour Party Candidate 454
Michael David Greenall Morecambe Bay Independent 633 Elected
Philip Alexander Eric Lee Morecambe Bay Independent 553 Elected
Elaine Frances Lewis Green Party 183
Terrie Metcalfe The Labour Party Candidate 365
Shirley Reid Morecambe Bay Independent 542 Elected
JOHN O’GAUNT Turnout: 27.00%
Elizabeth Jane Arnott Liberal Democrats 333
Mary Eileen Blamire The Labour Party Candidate 824 Elected
James Eric Rodney Gill Independent 73
Chris John Hart Green Party 279
Stephen Johnston Independent 78
Kerry Mason Independent 135
Gareth James Millar The Labour Party Candidate 671 Elected
Jonathan David Mills Green Party 259
Jane Parkinson The Conservative Party Candidate 346
Joseph Ravetz The Labour Party Candidate 672 Elected
Gisela Renolds Green Party 244
Matthew Joseph Sephton The Conservative Party Candidate 229
KELLET Turnout: 46.47%
Geoffrey Christopher Ford Independent 268
John Roger Mace The Conservative Party Candidate 503 Elected
Adrian Mackenzie Green Party 56
LOWER LUNE VALLEY Turnout: 43.80%
Lucy Elizabeth Hampson Green Party 98
Raymond Hill The Labour Party Candidate 107
Frederick McGlade The Conservative Party Candidate 576
Richard John Newman-Thompson The Labour Party Candidate 93
Bronwyn Melissa Newton Green Party 93
George Birkett Platts The Conservative Party Candidate 651
Joyce Pritchard Liberal Democrats 683 Elected
Patricia Mary Quinton Liberal Democrats 725 Elected
OVERTON Turnout: 31.31%
Mort Allan Morecambe Bay Independents 243 Elected
Susan Ayrey Independent 161
Harriet Georgina Orr Green Party 25
Keith Sowden The Conservative Party Candidate 160
POULTON Turnout: 23.88%
Evelyn Archer Morecambe Bay Independent 568 Elected
Jane Brown The Conservative Party Candidate 231
Shirley Burns Morecambe Bay Independent 538 Elected
Rebekah Gerrard The Labour Party Candidate 521 Elected
Patricia Anne Heath Morecambe Bay Independent 447
Richard William Martin The Labour Party Candidate 438
Simone Novello Green Party 113
Beryl Spelling The Labour Party Candidate 458
SCOTFORTH EAST Turnout: 39.71%
Andrew William Byrne Independent 33
Michael Entwistle Independent 33
John Gilbert Liberal Democrats 757 Elected
David Richard Horton Green Party 80
Joan Parkinson Jackson The Conservative Party Candidate 277 Elected
Janie Elizabeth Kirkman Liberal Democrats 754
Richard Mankoff The Labour Party Candidate 312
Abigail Mills Green Party 84
Derek Victor Sykes The Conservative Party Candidate 289
SCOTFORTH WEST Turnout: 37.83%
Robert Alan Chard The Conservative Party Candidate 403
Peter Andrew Corke Independent 211
Sheila Elizabeth Denwood The Labour Party Candidate 820 Elected
Emily Heath Green Party 749 Elected
Susinne Alys Mason Independent 180
Charles Morrow Liberal Democrats 195
Valerie Mary Outram The Conservative Party Candidate 431
Jan Pacula Independent 224
Robin Thomas Pettitt The Labour Party Candidate 418
Gwynneth Eileen Sonia Robertson The Labour Party Candidate 420
Mark Rotherham Green Party 491
Catriona Stamp Green Party 612 Elected
Graham Henry Warnock The Conservative Party Candidate 360
SILVERDALE Turnout: 52.46%
Amanda Faith Bingley Green Party 101
Sarah Margaret Debonnaire Fishwick The Conservative Party Candidate 499 Elected
Peter Roberts Independent 281
SKERTON EAST Turnout: 21.46%
Roger Thomas Francis Dennison Independent 318
Charles Michael Grattan The Labour Party Candidate 588 Elected
John Thomas Harrison The Labour Party Candidate 600 Elected
Jean Holland The Conservative Party Candidate 233
Robert John Rollason Poole Green Party 184
Robert Michael Redfern The Labour Party Candidate 489 Elected
Ashley Keith Toms Green Party 234
SKERTON WEST Turnout: 25.26%
John William Airey The Conservative Party Candidate 297
Stephen Dickinson Green Party 109
Dominic Peter Harrison Green Party 127
William John Harrison Independent 265
Janet Horner The Labour Party Candidate 657
Jean Jones The Labour Party Candidate 645
Thomas Brian Penney Socialist Alliance 183
Stephen Pughsley Independent 242
Roger James Sherlock The Labour Party Candidate 594
SLYNE-WITH-HEST Turnout: 38.24%
Frank Briggs-Allen Independent 358
Sylvia Anne Rogerson Conservative 801 Elected
Adrian Mark Stuart-Burgess Independent 324
James Malcolm Thomas The Conservative Party Candidate 770 Elected
Mark Miles Westcombe Green Party 180
TORRISHOLME Turnout: 35.11%
Caroline Airey The Conservative Party Candidate 592
Evelyn Elsie Christine Ashworth Morecambe Bay Independent 656 Elected
David George Barker Morecambe Bay Independent 429
Ian Withnell Clift Liberal Democrats 630 Elected
Ronald John Day Liberal Democrats 1098 Elected
Richard Ross Grave The Labour Party Candidate 460
Gordon Hagel The Conservative Party Candidate 624
Cathryn Elizabeth Morton Green Party 177
Michael Varey The Labour Party Candidate 316
UNIVERSITY Turnout: 18.47%
Graham John Hunt Green Party 160
Claire Rosemary Johnston The Labour Party Candidate 209
Stuart Langhorn Liberal Democrats 308 Elected
Patricia Louise McGrath Green Party 227
Alexander Peter Thomas Stone Liberal Democrats 251 Elected
Dewi Williams The Conservative Party Candidate 113
UPPER LUNE VALLEY Turnout: 51.26%
James Airey The Conservative Party Candidate 653 Elected
David Michael Mason Liberal Democrats 279
WARTON Turnout: 31.05%
Graham Charles Agnew The Conservative Party Candidate 192
Jean Dent Independent 297 Elected
Paul Andrew Harvey Green Party 89
WESTGATE Turnout: 23.87%
David Kerr Morecambe Bay Independent 619 Elected
Dorothy Mingins The Conservative Party Candidate 297
Albert Hayden Thornton The Labour Party Candidate 471
Richard Thomas Twine Green Party 125
Anthony Michael Bernard Wade Morecambe Bay Independent 601 Elected
Geoffrey Kenneth Wilson Morecambe Bay Independent 576 Elected

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