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Welcome to the Virtual-Lancaster Music Pages
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Dance DJs
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Dance DJs

DJs Emlyn Busby & Alan Hodgson
These guys have known each other for eight years and have been musically connected from day one, when Emlyn told Alan that his favourite band was R.E.M. and Alan said his was The Smiths. Although they've not long been djing together, there's no doubt, that their musical knowledge and experiences shine through when they are either performing at their residency, Lost at Toast every Monday from 9pm til 2pm (free admission) or when they are heard on the airwaves for Diversity fm, a community radio station.
At Lost on a Monday you can expect to hear the place rocking to a wide selection of Indie and Alternative music with the likes of The Killers and Bloc Party right back to classics such as The Doors and The Velvet Underground. The idea for the night came from their radio show, "The A&E Show" which is due back on the airwaves soon. They were receiving a lot of great feedback about the show which contained a lot of music of the same genres but didn't seem to be catered for around Lancaster. The only thing that was missing was a venue and luckily enough they stumbled upon Toast which had a blueprint for an Indie night and they both fit each other superbly.

Emlyn and Alan are available to hire either together or individually and can cater for a wide range of musical styles ranging from Eighties and Nineties pop through to the latest House music and of course Indie and Alternative from the last forty years.
For details on bookings and for any information required contact Emlyn on 07963396414.

DJ Donald
Plays funk, soul, Latin, reggae, hip-hop and breaks with a smattering of scratching.
" I've been obsessed with music and particularly dancing music for as long as I can remember. I started collecting records at the age of five. The first record I ever bought was 'Two Little Boys' by Rolf Harris, and the second, a week later was 'Funky Kingston' by Toots & the Maytals, both are still firm favourites.

I started DJing about 10 years ago in Lancaster, after going to parties played by the likes of Mighty One Love, Suns of Axis, and ACME Bass Co. Their eclectic selecting and genuine party vibe inspired me to get the records out in public. (cheers dudes!)

When I DJ, I am trying to get that 'New York Block Party' (or Lancaster Terraced House Kitchen Party) feel, and play everything from funk, soul, rock to hip -hop and Latin with the odd break and a smattering of scratching. I have no interest in doing what may be considered cool, and like to throw in plenty of surprises when the dance floor least expects it. For me it's all about the dancers, I mean people who really like to move with the music and aren't afraid to 'get down', and don't care who's looking. I love the feeling you get when you have a full dance floor and they give a big cheer to a particular tune.

For me, by far the biggest part of DJing is finding the tunes. I devote a lot of time and energy to this, and will happily travel great distances to buy tunes. I feel a DJ has a duty to go out and find sounds that the dancers won't be able to hear anywhere else (as well as the favourites!) and I will often have particular 'regulars' in mind when I find a record I know they will like - I can visualise them 'getting down' as I listen to a new find on the headphones whilst kneeling in the mud at a car boot sale in Lincoln at 6am.

At the moment I play most Friday nights @ SOFTBOY (The Crypt, Lancaster), also look out for my own nights at various venues which I run when I get the urge, they are: JUMP TO THE FUNK - rare Funk night; LATIN FIRE - diverse Latin music night; FILMDANCE - Music related film followed by related boogie action"

DJ Doug Leece RIP (Doug died on 7 May 2004).
Meltdown Disco; Sold on Soul. When Doug brought a regular soul night to Lancaster in the early '90's it attracted soul fans and top DJ's from all over the UK. "Soul clubs can become cliquey and exclusive. People become obsessed with the scarcity of the records and DJ's only get to play originals. I remember one occasion when a dancer stopped to seek assurance he was dancing to a first pressing. I'm not going to play a record just because there are only a few copies in the country just to impress a certain crowd. Its about taking the audience on a musical journey, moving smoothly from one atmosphere and style to another whilst keeping an eye on the dance floor. It's refreshing to see so many young people dancing to obscure and classic soul recordings which they were hearing for the first time. I remember thinking that some of these people would become the third and fourth generation of soul fans. The unique combination of soulful lyrics with up-tempo rhythms played by real musicians is something people will always return to. I've lost count of how many times soul music has become hip and happening."

Mobile Disco/Music Quizzes

Spin City DJs 78 Lymm Avenue, Scale Hall, Lancaster LA1 5HR Tel: 01524 310 915 Mobile: 0781 4044 930

Karaoke DJs

Paul & Judy Mobile Karaoke A full evening's entertainment with exceptional sound and lighting. Weddings, private and corporate functions a speciality. Check them out at The William Mitchell, Morecambe every Friday.
Tel: 01524 424738 or email:


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