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The current Virtual Lancaster website is at:

You are looking at an earlier version of the site that was archived on 23.02.17 and is no longer updated.

contactWhat or who is Ed?
The email address
goes to the Virtual Lancaster inbox.
Here mail is copied to volunteer section editors who assess its suitability for publication. It may be taken up in whole or in part for one or more sections of the Virtual Lancaster or none.

As a genuine community-based website, we welcome your comments, enquiries, contributions and involvement well as your praise and criticism, where it's due!

Contributions will be reviewed for inclusion at the earliest opportunity. FREE LISTINGS are added weekly. Usually.

News published and events submitted 48 hours before publication are included in the free fortnightly Virtual-Lancaster e-newsletter.

We endeavour to reply to all non-spam email but sometimes life gets in the way. (If we don't, it's not attitude, more a cry for help:-). If you start thinking we've lost your mail, just please re-send it.

The email address goes to a robot that only manages newsletter subscriptions and discards everything else. Email messages sent to this address will not receive a reply.


Every fortnightly Friday (or so) the Virtual Lancaster e-newsletter goes out with a list of links to the published calendar events for the next 17 days, showing date/title/venue/time. Get your event in early.
It may take a couple of days for your event to appear.


Email to:
Or post your article here.

Contact details: please include a phone number / email (not for publication if not included in the story) in case there is anything we need to check.

Image: If emailing, please include an image as a separate email attachment in .gif or .jpg format. People in the image related to the story should be named. We don't use children's images without the signed, written consent of their parents/guardians.


News stories are published on the Virtual Lancaster website
and you can add comments on individual news stories there. All comments are moderated by a Virtual Lancaster editor before publication. The moderator reserves the right not to publish any comment. Please allow up to 24 hours for your comments to appear.


We list information and details of many types., for example, businesses, bands, services and groups.
Add your listing here.

You must include your link
To be accepted a listing must include a weblink with local information or an email address. We do not accept phone number-only listings. If the weblink / email address should cease operating locally the link will be deleted. Please remember to update your listings.

Free Local Listings
Our listing service is free but to qualify you must also supply a local phone number and address, if these are not shown on your weblink, to prove you are locally based. We do not publish these unless they are also included in the listing text you supply. We do not pass them on. We do not keep this information once the listing is approved.
In return please add a web link on your own site to Virtual-Lancaster if possible. Please email us at:
ed@] for one of our fliers to display.
Find out more here

Non-Local Listings
These we take on a case-by-case basis. We do not accept embedded advertising. If your service is useful and not provided locally, that helps. Advertise on Virtual-Lancaster

Please send us a donation if you can spare it.
Send comments and enquiries or tell us what you like or don't like about the site to
The Virtual-Lancaster Editor
If you would like to request that all or part of an article, listing or other item be removed from the Virtual Lancaster website or newsblog, please email the Virtual-Lancaster Editor at giving your name, contact details, the URL at which it can be found, a description of the item and your reasons for requesting its removal. All requests will be treated in confidence and given due consideration.
This is an archive site. It is not updated and many of the links are obsolete and broken. However if you think you've seen something serious please Email:
The Virtual-Lancaster Editor at
Please include the URL address of each page you found it on.
For the current, live Virtual Lancaster site please go to
If you have a complaint about any of the Virtual Lancaster website content, please email your complaint to:
The Virtual-Lancaster Editor at
Please include the URL address of esch page you found it on.
Please bear in mind. We are unpaid volunteers and not professionally trained. We welcome opportunities to learn and improve. If you just tell us we'll appreciate it.

We don't have a postal address. We are a voluntary online resource. If you have correspondence that can only be sent by post, please just email explaining the need and we will supply an address.

For local information, services and City & County archives please see our Services Page.



This site is run
entirely by volunteers.
Please help with
our running costs by
making a donation.
Thank you.



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