Assembly Hand Gestures Guide

Description: Hold your hands up, palm open, and fan your fingers back and forth.
Meaning:  You agree with the proposal or like what you are hearing.

Description: Hold your hand downward and fan your fingers back and forth.
Meaning: You disagree with the proposal or dislike what you are hearing

Description: Hold your hand flat and fan your fingers up and down.
Meaning: You’re taking a neutral stance on the proposal.

Description: Curl your hand and fingers into a letter-C shape.
Meaning: You either have or need clarifying information.

Description: Raise your index finger up.
Meaning: You have information pertinent to the discussion (not for opinions).

Description: Make a triangular shape with your hand by joining your index fingers and thumbs and holding it up.
Meaning: Telling the group that the process by which discussions are held is not being followed.

Description: Cross your arms in front of your chest in an X.
Meaning: You have very strong moral or ethical reservations about the proposal and will consider leaving the group if it passes.